Miriam Baans (b. Voorburg) is an autonomous photographer based in the Netherlands. She is fascinated with the elusiveness and vulnerability of life. Her camera allows her to connect with people and research. She always chooses subjects close to her heart, either from a memory, an experience, or a question that is occupying her. She loves to experiment, not only with her subjects but also with different photography techniques, such as pinhole, Polaroid and photogram.

Miriam graduated from the Fotovakschool University of Applied Sciences in 2017. Her graduation project “Looking for Her” was subsequently published in Kiekiekrant and was exhibited in Rotterdam (Dock Gallery) and Amsterdam. She followed an eight-month Masterclass taught by Jan Rosseel that was part of the photofestival BredaPhoto. Recently she has been selected as New Dutch Photography Talent 2019 by GUP.




08.09.2018 – 07.10.2018 | Galerie Pol 38 | a Matter of Time | Ginnekenweg 38, Breda, the Netherlands


26.10.2017 – 29.10.2017 | Graduation Show 2017 | Looking for Her | Fotovakschool Amsterdam, the Netherlands

30.06.2017 – 09.07.2017 | Dock Gallery | Looking for Her | Rotterdam, the Netherlands



25.10.2017 | Catalogus Graduation Show Fotovakschool 2017

28.06.2017 | Kiekie krant, Looking For Her



2018 | GUP New Dutch Photography Talent 2019

2017 | Selected for the Masterclass Course BredaPhoto 2018 | Breda, the Netherlands



November 2017 – June 2018 | BredaPhoto Masterclass Course 2018 by Jan Rosseel| Breda, the Netherlands

2017 | Workshop – writing a projectplan | Simone Henkens | Keep an Eye/ Fotovakschool | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2014 – 2017 | Photographic Design | Fotovakschool | Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2014 | Basisopleiding Fotografie | Fotoacademie | Rotterdam, the Netherlands